Accepted Posters

Node configuration for the Aho-Corasick algorithm in Intrusion Detection Systems (poster)

Alexsandre B. Lacroix, J.M. Pierre Langlois, François-Raymond Boyer, Antoine Gosselin, and Guy Bois (Polytechnique Montréal)

Software Defined Networks-on-Chip for Multi/Many-Core Systems: A Performance Evaluation (poster)

Remberto Sandoval-Arechiga and Ramon Parra-Michel (CINVESTAV-IPN); Jose L. Vazquez-Avila (Univ. Autonoma del Carmen); Jorge Flores-Troncoso and Salvador Ibarra-Delgado (Univ. Autonoma de Zacatecas)

Forwarding Strategies for Applications in Named Data Networking (poster)

Hila Ben Abraham and Patrick Crowley (Washington University in St. Louis)

Enterprise LTE and WiFi Interworking System and A Proposed Network Selection Solution (poster)

Lina Xu, Junqing Xie, Xunteng Xu, and Shuai Wang (Hewlett Packard Network and Mobility Lab, Beijing)

Cache Sharing Using a Bloom Filter in Named Data Networking (poster)

Ju Hyoung Mun and Hyesook Lim (Ewha Womans University)

ParaRegex: Towards Fast Regular Expression Matching in Parallel (poster)

Zhe Fu and Zhi Liu (Tsinghua University);  Jun Li (Tsinghua National Lab for Information Science and Technology)

P4GPU: Accelerate Packet Processing of a P4 Program with a CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Architecture (poster)

Peilong Li and Yan Luo (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

A One-Way Proof-of-Work Protocol to Protect Controllers in Software-Defined Networks (poster)

Jingrui Li and Tilman Wolf (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

On Data Plane Latency and Pseudo-TCP Congestion in Software-Defined Networking (poster)

Dongzhe Tai, Huichen Dai, Ting Zhang, and Bin Liu (Tsinghua University)

Evaluating Information-Centric Networks in Disconnected, Intermittent, and Low-Bandwidth Environments (poster)

Thiago Teixeira and Michael Zink (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

NI + Router Microarchitecture for NoC-based Communication Systems (poster)

Remberto Sandoval-Arechiga and R. Parra-Michel (CINVESTAV-IPN); Jose L. Vazquez-Avila (Univ. Autonoma del Carmen); Blanca I. Gea-Garcia (Intel Guadalajara Design Center)

Minflate: Combining Rule Set Minimization with Jump-based Expansion for Fast Packet Classification (poster)

Sven Hager and Patrik John (Humboldt University of Berlin); Andreas Fiessler (genua mbH); Björn Scheuermann (Humboldt University of Berlin)

Virtual Network Functions Instantiation on SDN Switches for Policy-Aware Traffic Steering (poster)

Cheng-Liang Hsieh and Ning Weng (Southern Illinois University)

Toward Fabric: A Middleware Implementing High-level Description Languages on a Fabric-like Network (poster)

Sayed Hadi Hashemi, Shadi A. Noghabi, John Bellessa, and Roy Campbell (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)