Keynote Speeches

The Forwarding Plane: An Old New Frontier of Networking Research

Changhoon "Chang" Kim

Barefoot Networks

About the speaker - Changhoon "Chang" Kim is a Director of System Architecture at Barefoot Networks and is also working actively for the P4 Language Consortium ( Before getting involved with and Barefoot, he worked at Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-service division, and led engineering and research projects on the architecture, performance, and management of datacenter networks. Chang is interested in programmable networking technologies, network monitoring and diagnostics, network verification, self-configuring/running networks, and debugging and diagnosis of large-scale distributed systems. Many of his research contributions — including TPP, VL2, Seawall, EyeQ, Ananta, and SEATTLE — are adopted in large production systems. He received a few awards, including SIGCOMM 2017 Best Paper Award and Microsoft RockStar Award 2013.


Gavin Stark

Department of Computer Science and Technology at Cambridge University

About the speaker - Gavin Stark is the Chief Silicon Architect at Netronome and Visiting Industrial Fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Technology at Cambridge University. He has been designing high speed communications systems for over 20 years, with millions of network processors shipped; at Netronome he is now developing his seventh generation of network processing architecture. Prior to Netronome, Gavin held chief architect and CTO positions at Virata, Cirrus Logic and Basis Communications, which was acquired by Intel Corporation.  Gavin holds both an MA and a PhD from Cambridge University, England. His current interests range from open source hardware and hardware generation language design, to high performance heterogeneous computing, data visualisation and analysis. Gavin holds over eighty patents in areas including packet processing algorithms and network processor architecture, and has coauthored papers in computing and geoscience.