Keynote Talks

Disaggregation – The New Way to Build Mega (and Micro) Data Centers

Thursday, May 7, 9:15AM

Yuval Bachar


Abstract - The talk will discuss how open hardware, open software, and disaggregation enable to build efficient data centers in any size from small to super-big. The talk will show a real life Facebook architecture in network, hardware and software that will enable future data centers developers to control their destiny and scale at their own pace the data center capacity and size with the most effective PUI in the industry. We will discuss Wedge, 6-Pack, FBOSS, oBMC and many other aspects of the Facebook data centers.


Recent Trends in Virtual Network Functions Acceleration for Carrier Clouds

Friday, May 8, 9:15AM

John Larkins


Abstract- The talk will present the latest trends in deploying Virtual Network Functions (VNF) for Carrier Networks. The discussion will address the challenges that operators face and their different approaches when virtualizing mobile and fixed networking applications, including EPG, BNG and many others. In addition we will highlight the latest developments in VNF acceleration, including potential acceleration targets and their locations in the Carrier Datacenter. And in conclusion explore the needs of a common acceleration abstraction and the standardization/industry efforts to achieve that goal, including Open Compute Project, Open Data Plane Project, OpenFlow and OpenFlow 2.0, ETSI and OPNFV.